Care Home FaNs / Bringing Communities into Care Settings

Care Home FaNs
Brand communications

Care Home Friends and Neighbours (Care Home FaNs) is a national project that is helping care homes to connect meaningfully with their local community to enhance the quality of life of older people and those that support them.

Care Home FaNs celebrates the efforts care homes make to involve individuals, organisations, schools, youth groups and businesses – in fact every sector of our society . We have created a range of materials to help make it easier to nurture these connections. Over time, it's hoped that FaNs will develop and make a real difference to the lives of those living, dying, working and visiting care homes.

Our brief was to devise a look and feel for the project with a brand image which exemplified the campaigns ethos. The central focus is a bespoke design and build for a website which allows Care Homes and communities to sign up to the 3 step programme of community engagement. 

What we did
– Brand development
– Design for print
– Exhibiton
– Website design & build
– Marketing collateral