Lancasters / Shifting notions of what a garden centre should be

Brand Identity

Lancasters Home and Garden is a family owned and run business which is into its fifth decade. Selling plants and gardening products from their base in Walthamstow, Lanscasters also offer a design led landscaping service.

The initial discussions were around developing their website, it became clear that there was an opportunity to challenge the notion of what a ‘garden centre’ should look like and in particular a develpoping miss-step of how Walthamstow has changed and in particular the rise of the makers culture and the changing demographic. 

Working in collaboration with Lancasters we recognised that the website was not necessarily the key to driving change and a holistic view to the brand image will help to reposition the business as it changes service offer and moves to a contemporary product range as well as extending their reach. Therefore it is appropriate to signify and demonstrate a change with a brand image review so that the brand more closely aligns to their target audience and captures new, recognises their heritage and speaks to all of what they do. 

What we did
– Brand development
– Design for print
– Signage
– Digital
– Marketing collateral